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Schnexagon slug repellant paint test

Slug Deterrent Paint: “Schnexagon” a New Remedy Against Slugs and Snails in the Garden

The slug deterring and repelling paint “Schnexagon” is an innovation in the field of peaceful slug defense.

However, does it really live up to its promises?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Schnexagon?

schnexagon slug and snail repelling paint coating
Does schnexagon work? How should it be applied?

Schnexagon: Are Slugs Losing Their Grip?

Schnexagon is a repellent coating intended to protect beds and greenhouses from slugs and snails.

Special ingredients in the coating deter slugs from climbing over vertical obstacles.

At least that’s what the inventor and biologist Nadine Sydow claims.

Because of contained oils and soaps in the paint slugs are prevented from sticking to painted surfaces.

To make it work, Schnexagon should be applied to vertical bed enclosures, pots, tubs or other kinds of planters.

Better even than vertical is a slight inclination towards the “snail side.”

small brushes paint
You only need a small brush.

The paint should stick to all common materials (plastic, wood, metal, natural stone, clay, terracotta, concrete, glass, etc.).

After drying, Schnexagon is transparent and nearly not noticeable anymore.

The ingredients are organic and are derived from renewable raw materials which are said to be completely biodegradable.

Schnexagon is certified by high organic standards as “Bioland” and “Demeter.”

The product contains no attractants or poisons. Slugs and snails are neither attracted nor killed.

They just should not be able to adhere any more to the coated surface, and thus their free creeping through the garden shall come to an end.

The Experiment

Since you can never be sure if the manufacturers are not exaggerating the functionality of their product, I put the paint to the test.

For that, I painted bricks to the half with Schnexagon. After they dried for one day, the experiment could begin.

I placed the bricks in a U-shape and put collected slugs and snails in the middle.

The following video shows in time lapse what happened then.

Video: Schnexagon Test

The video shows clearly how the slugs and snails try to overcome the barrier.

But they are not able to surmount the protective coating.

I was surprised how well Schnexagon worked. Not a single snail or slug could make it.

They have touched the painted area and also tried to stretch over it but in vain.

Schnexagon passed the test with ease; now the only question is its durability.

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How Durable is Schnexagon?

The manufacturers claim that the coating would be able to protect the beds for the whole garden season.

Even in rainy weather, it should last for about two months before it would need to be reapplied.

To test the durability dependent on the weather conditions (e.g., UV radiation and rain) further tests are planned.

So far, no final statements on the durability can be made.

How to Use the Protective Coating?

Schnexagon is painted as a strip about 4inch (10 cm) wide. You can use a standard brush.

In the experiment, you can observe that the slugs try to stretch over it, but only with half of their body length.

Application and test of Schnexagon
Apply a small strip of schnexagon around bed enclosures.

Since slugs and snails usually only grow to about 6 inches long (15 cm), about a 4 inches (10 cm) wide coating should be sufficient.

The protective coat should not be placed directly at floor level, but a few inches above it.

Then it’s not easily affected by mud and pouring rainwater, and it will last longer.

As already mentioned, it is necessary that the painted surface is placed vertically to the ground. Then even the most stubborn slugs will be deterred successfully.

After application, the paint should dry and harden for about 24 hours. During this period it should be protected from rain and moisture.

It is best if possible to protect the paint from heavy rain and glaring sun. Then it will endure long periods of time.

A combination with a slug fence or a slug collar is therefore useful. Because if Schnexagon is painted under their bent edge, the paint will be well protected from the sun and rain.

Effective Slug Control

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advantages strengths of this slug controlAdvantages

The main advantage of Schnexagon is the simple and fast application combined with really proven protection against slugs as seen in the videos.

In addition, no slug or snail must be killed or injured to protect the plants.

Schnexagon is a natural product that does not require any use of poison, baits, and attractants.

The paint naturally degrades, and it has been tested by well know German certifiers for organic standards (Demeter and Bioland).

For animals and plants, Schnexagon is therefore completely harmless when used correctly.

It is well suited for cold frames or raised beds and also for the protection of greenhouses.

Disadvantages weaknesses of this slug controlDisadvantages

A disadvantage is a sensitivity to rainy weather conditions.

After periods of heavy rain Schnexagon has to be applied again, which can become time-consuming and also money intensive.

In addition, you can only use it if the plants and beds that you wish to protect are equipped with an enclosure which is vertical to the ground and approximately 6 inches (15 cm) high.

If necessary, a suitable bed enclosure must be build before the repellent paint can be used.

plus minusConclusion

If the requirements are met, Schnexagon is a method to stop all slug and snail attacks quickly.

Its application is simple and requires only a little time.

Schnexagon combines well with common slug fences. If the fence is still not 100 percent slug and snail proof, it could be enhanced with Schnexagon.

The fact that the product is organic and environmentally friendly allows its application in organic agriculture and horticulture without any problems.

Therefore Schnexagon is a recommendable method to deter slugs and snails effectively.

Product and price

Schnexagon is sold in a can, which usually contains around 12oz (375 ml) of paint. This amount should be sufficient for about 3 square meters.

Since a 3 to 4 inch (8-10 cm) wide strip is needed, 12oz should be enough for about 32 yards (30 meters).

Schnexagon: Offers on Amazon – Offers on eBay

Depending on the absorption capacity of the surface, the coating is more or less productive.

If you would like to apply it to a surface that absorbs very much liquid, it can be useful to prime or treat it beforehand; maybe even stick a foil to it.

A can costs about 25 dollars (pounds/euros) and thus the costs per yard (meter) amount to around 0.80 cents.

Additional costs and labor have to be included if a bed is to be protected, which has not yet been enclosed.

If you use a plastic slug fence in this regard, the costs will rise to around 2 dollars (pounds/euro) per yard (meter).

Since Schnexagon acts as effective slug protection and has no unwanted side effects, I am recommending it.

The products of Lugato and Solvoluta look different from the outside. But the content is the same: Offers on Amazon

If you live in North America, you can find Schnexagon here: Offers on eBay

Schnexagon has been certified by Demeter and Bioland since the beginning of 2017.

Effective Slug Control Alternatives

Some other slug control methods that might interest you:

Attract natural enemies of slugs and snails to your garden.

Install slug barriers.

Use copper tape against slugs.

Have a look at slug-resistant plants: vegetables and herbs.

Slug-resistant flowers and flowering plants: perennials and annuals.

Self-made electric slug fence.

DIY slug control upcycling ideas.

Runner ducks against slugs and snails.

Slug Control Recommendations

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Slug Deterrent Paint: “Schnexagon” a New Remedy Against Slugs and Snails in the Garden
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