Sheep’s Wool/Hair to Repel Snails and Slugs | Wool Pellets Field Test

Can sheep’s wool deter slugs and snails?

The theory

Wool and hair absorb the slime from slugs and snails and thereby repel them.

Some of the ingredients in the wool (such as salt) might also be responsible.

In field tests, I found out how sheep wool can work to control slugs.

sheeps wool against slugs
In spring, a lot of dirty sheep’s wool is available.

Does Sheep’s Wool/Hair Deter Slugs and Snails?

I conducted several tests with:

  • human hair
  • virgin sheep wool
  • sheep wool pellets.

Human Hair and Sheep’s Wool | Field Tests

To begin with, I conducted some tests to understand the effects that human hair and virgin wool have on slugs.

In a first test, I used human hair.

In a second round, I tried virgin sheep wool, and in a third test, I used the same wool after heavy rainfall.

I recorded the results in time-lapse videos.

Human Hair Test

First, you can see the test with normal, washed human hair.

I formed a semicircle with the hair and put some freshly collected snails in its middle.

Then I watched closely and filmed what happened.

Video 1: Human Hair Against Slugs and Snails | Field Test

As you can see in the video, slugs and snails are unaffected by the hair.

They crawl over it and hide underneath it.

Clearly, human hair fails to deter slugs.

Virgin Raw Sheep Wool

Afterwards, I started a second attempt with greasy, dirty virgin sheep wool, which had been offered to me by a befriended farmer.

There were remnants of sheep droppings in the wool, and the wool exuded the strong smell of sheep.

The experimental set-up was similar to the experiment with human hair.

However, this time I changed the setting a little.

I put bricks on top of the wool.

Now the slugs could not crawl under and hide beneath the wool, as they did with the hair.

In addition, the bricks were a protection for the wool and prevented them from being blown away by the wind.

The following video shows the results of this test.

Video 2: Sheep’s Wool Against Slugs and Snails | Field Test

The experiment revealed a remarkable result:

Slugs and snails do not crawl over virgin sheep wool!

They try, but after a few attempts, all slugs and snails were repelled and turned around.

So, the wool worked much better than expected after the failed attempt with the hair.

sheeps wool unclean fresh
Sheep’s wool also works as a mulch and organic fertilizer.

Many slugs tried to crawl over the wool, but after their sensitive feelers/tentacles came into contact with the thin woolen hairs, they backed away.

They did not like the wool at all!

Therefore, I hoped that the wool would also work after it had become wet and was washed by rain.

Raw sheep wool as protection against snails & slugs

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The night after the first test, heavy rain poured down.

So, the next day, I conducted another test.

Before the test, it had time to dry again.

Video 3: Sheep’s Wool Test 2 | After the Rain

Unfortunately, after the rain, the wool was no longer convincing.

The protective effect was not completely gone, but it was reduced a lot.

It could still deter some slugs and snails, but most slugs crossed it without hesitation.

The salt or other repelling substances had probably been washed out.

raw sheep wool slugs snails
If the wool is protected from rain, it works fine!

Therefore, the method would be useful if the wool were protected from rain and irrigation water; for example, in a:

  • greenhouse
  • tomato house
  • winter garden
  • other sorts of covered terrain.

One big advantage of this method is that if you know a shepherd or a shepherdess, you could get plenty of virgin wool each springtime.

After heavy rainfall, you can easily replace the wool.

And there is a third option: the above-mentioned sheep wool pellets.

Raw Sheep wool

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What are Sheep Wool Pellets?

Sheep wool pellets are made of wool rests, which are unsuitable for other uses.

The waste wool is pressed into the tiny pellets.

So, no sheep need to die for their production.

In addition to wool, the pellets contain salt, dirt, and sand.

Sheep wool pellets as protection against snails & slugs

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Do Wool Pellets Repel Slugs?

As the pellets are compressed, they swell up after coming into contact with moisture.

If they work similarly to raw wool, they could form barriers that are difficult for snails to overcome.

But do the pellets really work against slugs?

As in the videos above, I conducted three field tests:

  1. With the new pellets. Result: They do not repel slugs.
  2. With wet pellets. Result: They do not repel slugs.
  3. With swollen up pellets that had dried again. Result: They repel slugs!

The following video shows the third test.

After the failure of the first and second tests, I did not expect much.

But see for yourself:

Video: Sheep’s Wool Pellets Test #3 | Dry again

Surprisingly, this test was a success.

Most slugs backed away immediately after coming into contact with the pellets.

Of course, there were also exceptions.

Some slugs moved over the pellets easily, and one slug even tried to hide underneath the pellets.

Anyway, the pellets worked much better than any of the other mulch materials I tested; for example, coffee grounds or eggshells.

This is why I can recommend their use in the garden.

Sheep’s wool pellets recommendation

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How to Use Sheep Wool Slug Pellets

A barrier made of wool pellets should be at least 4 inches (ca. 10 cm) wide and also a few inches (centimeters) thick.

As seen in the video, some slugs only turn around after moving over the pellets for a while.

Moreover, bridges and gaps could quickly form if the barrier is too narrow.

advantages strengths of this slug control


The application of virgin wool and wool pellets is effortless.

In comparison with other mulch materials, one positive aspect is that the wool pellets will remain effective after rain – at least for a while.

One pleasant side effect of this method is that the wool serves as a long-term, slow-release fertilizer.

Similar to bone meal, the wool decomposes very slowly and releases nitrogen into the ground.

In addition, it contributes to the soil’s looseness and its capacity to hold water.

Virgin wool, as well as wool pellets, contain sheep droppings, which are directly available to the plants as fertilizer.

Furthermore, the wool will serve as a protection against dehydration and as a sort of mulch/weed barrier.

Sheep Wool Mat | 2 m × 48 cm Roll

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Disadvantages weaknesses of this slug control


Sheep’s wool may provide useful anti-slug mulching for a while, but turn into a home for slugs after being washed by rain for some time.

Therefore, the mulch needs to be checked regularly.

Pellets and virgin wool have to be reapplied after rainy periods.

Another disadvantage is that pellets, as well as fresh wool, release a smell of sheep.

plus minus


Human hair failed to deter slugs.

Virgin wool works wonderfully until it is washed by rain or irrigation water.

It is a good solution for protecting sheltered locations.

In regular garden beds, the wool needs to be replaced from time to time.

Sheep wool pellets are more resilient to rain.

So, I recommend using wool as slug control.

One positive side effect is that it also serves as an organic fertilizer and weed barrier.

Raw sheep wool as protection against snails & slugs

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Products and Prices

The price of sheep’s wool pellets tends to fluctuate a lot.

One product goes by the name ‘Slug Gone’.

The price depends on the amount you buy.

It varies from 3 to 12 dollars/pounds/euros per liter.

sheep wool pellets
Sheep’s wool pellets.

Other products are intended primarily as a slow-release fertilizer for organic farming or gardening.

But they should serve to deter slugs too.

I wish you good luck and a rich harvest!

To control slugs, you do not need to rely purely on sheep’s wool.

There are many things you can do to protect your plants.

Sheep’s wool pellets recommendation

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Slug Control: Alternatives

Some further slug control methods:

Attract Natural Enemies of Slugs

Slug Barriers

Slug Deterrent Paint

Copper Against Slugs

Slug-Resistant Vegetables and Herbs

Slug-Resistant Flowers and Flowering Plants: Perennials and Annuals

Self Made Electric Slug Fence

DIY Slug Control

Runner Ducks Against Slugs and Snails

Peaceful Slug Control & Plant Protection

Snail & Slug Repellent Copper Tape | AdhesiveAnti-Slug Fence | Protective Barrier
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Sheep Wool Pellets | Natural Snail RepellentAnti-Slug Collars | For Single Plants | Multipack
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Mindful consumption: Please only buy what you or your garden really need.

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  1. Good Afternoon

    Please advise the price in ZAR / US Dollars for the Wool Pellets and how are they sold?
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    thank you and kind regrds

  2. I was disappointed when I saw that after the rain,sheep wool did not deter.
    How does the raw wool differ from the pellets, which claim to deter?
    I Have a huge amount of wool, and will try it out this year-but will check underneath to ensure I am not creating a cosy home for slugs!
    I am also going to consider the general mulch benefits of the wool for plants, veg and fruits.

  3. I’m confused by your comment about wool pellets that
    So, no sheep need to die for their production.
    if I sheep is dying to give you wool you might be shaving them the wrong way

  4. Shorter strands of straight human hair in thinner layers works. I tried egg shells, grit, copper tape, salt barrier, Ive even tried very thorny bramble blocking the only way up (its a window box)….they penetrative all though the bramble slowed them the best. So in desperation and because I thought ANYTHING is worth a try I tried my sons hair after giving him a lock down haircut….I put it in rings around various plants that had taken the biggest bashing including the stump of a plant that was being eaten as it emerged…suddenly it had leaves and flowers on it and it was a primrose!!

    So yeah, human hair works but thinner and straight hair, my curly haired sons hair didnt work the same


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