Does Garlic Help Against Snails & Slugs? | Field Test

Can garlic repel and deter slugs and snails?

Garlic is supposed to help against almost everything—for example against ticks, moles, voles, and now also against snails.

Here is a test that shows how slugs and snails react to garlic.

slug allium wild garlic
Slugs and snails dislike eating plants of the Allium genus.

Why should garlic work?

Snails and slugs do not eat garlic.

Leeks, chives, wild garlic and ornamental garlic are also only part of a slugs diet when they are sick or weak.

These plants therefore have means to deter slugs and snails.

garlic bulbs

How should garlic be used?

One idea is to transfer the protection of garlic to other plants.

To do this, you should make a garlic decoction and then spray it on endangered plants.

But does that help? How strong is the protection really?

experiment test


Garlic against slugs & snails: Test

I cut garlic into thin slices and laid them out in a semicircle.

Then I placed freshly collected snails and slugs in the middle.

The following video shows what happened.

Video: Garlic against Snails | Time-lapse

You could really see a deterrent effect right from the start.

The smell alone seems to have repelled most slugs and snails at first.

But then some turn around and just crawl over it.

So, the result was ambiguous.

There was a deterrent effect, but not enough to prevent the snails from crawling over it.

plus minus


It is doubtful whether garlic as a feeding inhibitor promises success.

Furthermore, it is questionable how long the protection of garlic might last and how quickly it will be washed off when it rains.

It might not be enough to spoil the appetite of slugs when the slugs’ favorite plants are available for selection.

garlic oil

Alternatives to garlic

Here you can find an overview with natural remedies against slugs and snails.

For example, you can plant slug-resistant vegetables and herbs.

In addition, you can protect individual plants with copper tape, garden cloche or slug collar.

Whole beds can be protected with special slug fences.

It is also advisable to consistently collect and set up live traps for slugs and snails.

Barriers for Snails & Slugs

Common Obstacles Are:

slug fence test areaslug collar
Slug fence testSlug and snail collars

garden bell victorian cloche plant cover copper against slugs and snails
Plant covers and garden clochesCopper tape against slugs and snails

schnexagon slug and snail repelling paint coatingelectric slug snail fence garden
Slug deterring paint/coatingElectric slug fences

Resistant Plant Varieties

One intelligent way is to select flowers and vegetables in which slugs and snails show little or no interest.

Some vegetables that you do not want to miss are on the list of favorite foods for slugs and snails.

However, there are also many flowers, vegetables, and herbs that they dislike eating.

You will find more information here:

slug resistant flowersWhich plants-vegetables-herbs slugs do not eat tomatos
Slug-resistant flowers: perennials and annualsSlug-resistant vegetables and herbs

Peaceful Slug Control & Plant Protection

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Mindful consumption: Please only buy what you or your garden really need.

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