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electric slug fence

Electric Slug Fence

If electric fences work to deter sheep and horses, why shouldn’t they work with slugs and snails?

No creature likes to get an electric shock. That is why many inventors have already designed different products and tried to secure their beds against slugs by an electric fence.

The fences work relatively well, but until now there’ve not been reliable products on the market.

Below, I describe different ways how an electric slug fence can be installed in the good old do-it-yourself fashion.

What do you need to know?

How much will it cost?

What are the (dis)advantages of this method?

solar panel slug fence
Using solar power is possible.

How does an electric slug fence work?

The following video shows the functionality of the fences as slug control.

Video: Electric slug fence with copper tapes in the test

(Beware tender hearts: The slug gets a shock for life.)

There is an electric tension between the two parallel copper tapes.

The slug tries to cross and touches both tapes.

Thereby it completes the electric circuit, and the slug gets a little shock. Immediately it turns around.

Due to the large distance between the copper tapes of this fence, it is apparently still ready for use even in wet conditions.

electric fence slug barrier
Don’t use more than 6 or 9 Volt for the fence.

Build an electric slug fence yourself

It is not easy, but also not to difficult to build an electric slug fence.

But please keep in mind that electricity is dangerous if not handled with care and knowledge.

It could cause fire and physical harm. Therefore it is essential to consult an electrician due to safety reasons.

What parts do you need?

For a simple fence, you only need copper tape/wire or perforated metal tape combined with a battery (6-9 volt).

Possible material for the two parallel lines:

copper tape or wire

metal tape or wire

If you like to use metal, it should be galvanized and without a plastic mantle. Best would be to use stainless steel.

If the fence is long, it would be better to use copper which has better electric performance. And the battery will last longer.

Possible batteries

6V 12Ah

9V 1200mAh

There are many different kinds of batteries available. The more Ah (ampere-hours) the battery has the more power it holds and the longer it will live before it becomes necessary to recharge.

6 Volts are enough to deter the slugs. 9 Volts also work perfectly but there are less powerful batteries available.

Although often recommended 12 Volts is a bit too much because this tension is already able to kill tiny snails and slugs.

If the fence kills slugs, their dead bodies will attract more slugs into the garden.

Slugs are highly sensitive and able to smell dead animals from far away. And they are cannibals preferring to eat dead relatives.

You should be aware of that and therefore best choose a 6 Volt system.

Means to attach the tracks

For an electric fence as seen in the above video self-adhesive copper tape or perforated tape is nailed, screwed, or glued onto a wooden board or better an insulating plastic base.

To be able to use the self-adhesive copper the surface should be suitable for gluing. Otherwise, the tape may peel off after some time.

It is also possible to use copper nails to fixate the copper tape on a wooden surface.

If the surface is not suitable, it is possible to use special insulating mounting tape, for example, if you would like to attach the tape to a metal underground.

Additional parts needed for a solar-powered slug fence

An advanced possibility is to use also a solar cell with solar charge controller. But this requires more knowledge about electronics.

The easier way is to use a solar LED garden light.

Video: Slug fence with solar power

How far should the distance between the tracks be?

When choosing the distance between the two lines, there are two things to consider.

On the one hand, the two lines should not be too close to each other, because the closer together the quicker a short circuit manifests.

On the other hand, small slugs and snails should be deterred safely. Therefore the strips must be close enough next to each other to do this.

If the strips are too far apart, tiny slugs could move across by only touching one of the strips/wires at a time.

Therefore around 0,4 inch (10 millimeters) distance would be a good choice. Even most young slugs are longer than that.

Maybe you can even lay the tracks a little further apart – as in the video – so it doesn’t shortcut so quickly due to rain or water.

After mounting the tracks/wires, each of the two poles of the battery is connected to one of the wires or strips.

Now the “fence” is under tension, and when a slug or snail tries to crawl over, it gets a small electric shock and turns around.

electric snail fence
With a functioning electric fence, the plants are safe.

Avoid short circuits

A short circuit occurs if the two lines touch each other or if something (leave, water, slug, etc.) completes a connection between them.

In case of a short circuit, the battery discharges quickly.

That is why already during construction, it should be ensured that the current-carrying wires are not installed loosely but firmly so that they can not move around.

As mentioned above there should always be a safe distance between them to make sure that they can not touch each other.

Therefore, the self-adhesive copper tape offers some advantage, as once firmly attached it cannot move as stretched out wire could.

If the fence is to be mounted on wood, then an easy-to-install perforated metal tape is also suitable.

The perforated tape is a bit more expensive than the copper band. But more stable and durable.

If you know other recommendable models, please leave a comment.

advantages strengths of this slug controlAdvantages of electric slug fences

If the fence works, surely no slug or snail will be able to come into the bed. The plants are safe.

That is a huge success compared to many other slug control measures.

The beautiful thing about this method is that the fence can be built with simple means and do not have to make a big investment.

Another significant advantage of the electric fence is, as with other snail fences, that no snail has to die and the plants are still protected.

Disadvantages weaknesses of this slug controlDisadvantages in the handling

But unfortunately, the fence is safe only as long as electricity flows. If there is an electric problem, the protection is gone immediately.

That is why you need to check the electric slug fence regularly.

Anyone who knows electric fences knows that they can be susceptible to interference. That is also the case with electric slug fences.

The common problem is that short circuits occur, the battery discharges and the fence is out of service for a while.

Water conducts electricity. Therefore, short circuits can be caused by rainwater, watering, or irrigation.

Hence the fence should be kept as dry as possible. But this is unfortunately difficult in the garden.

Already the morning dew could help the electric current to find a shortcut, and the battery will discharge.

Furthermore, slugs and snails which try to pass can cause a short circuit.

Because if you do not use a 6-volt battery, but a higher voltage, the slugs can die on the fence and then cause the short circuit.

At 6-9 volts they get a shock, but it is not deadly. Therefore, it is important to stay in the low voltage range and not to use higher voltages.

In addition, plants and other animals can cause short circuits.

Thus the power supply of the fence should be checked at least once a day. It is best to check in the evening before the nocturnal animals come out.

If the fence fails, the plants are immediately unprotected.

plus minusConclusion

The electric fence works, and it can be an alternative to other methods of slug control such as slug pellets.

The costs are low, and the installation is easy. Only if you want to use solar-power, it becomes a little bit more complicated.

The fence needs to be checked regularly because if there is a problem with the power supply, the protection is down immediately.

For the fence to work properly, it is good to have a skillful and resourceful craftsman at hand who is ready to repair in case of an emergency.

Its vulnerability to water is impractical in the garden.

Therefore, an electric fence against snails is a good but not the best choice because a mechanical slug fence does not have these problems.

slug fence
A metal slug fence is more expensive but needs less maintenance.

The metal slug fence is more fail-safe and durable.

Its initial costs may be a bit higher, but in the long run, there are no costs of maintenance.

Slug fence electric costs

To build a simple fence you need a copper tape/wire, a battery, and an electrical connection to bring the two together.

A good battery costs about 20 dollars / pounds / euros.

The copper band costs about 30 cents per meter. And there might be a metal wire that is even cheaper.

But since two lines are needed, the meter prices doubles.

But then the price is still below that of the metallic slug fences, which cost 5 to 7 dollar/pounds/euros per meter.

If you also want to use a solar cell, the costs increase slightly (around 50 dollar/pounds/euros).

Electric slug fence construction manual (DIY update)

Here you find one possible way to build an electric slug fence, which was sent to me by Kay.

He has built this fence and now for years has made good experiences with it.

You do not need a complicated circuit for this fence, just a suitable battery cable, a battery and a perforated metal tape.

The perforated tape rusts over the years but still is long-lasting and easy to assemble to wood.

Kay operates the fence with a 12 volt 7 Ah battery. However, a 6-volt battery would be sufficient.

According to him, the battery lasts for a whole season, and all slugs and snails are held off successfully.

Also, the charger for the battery is cheap.

This fence is particularly suitable for raised beds.

In the open field, a bed enclosure is needed to mount the tapes/wires on.

Kay has solved this problem with wooden planks.

Pictures: Kay’s electric slug fence

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Electric Slug Fence
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