Snails & slugs on the balcony: Where do they come from? What to do?

balcony slug control snail

When the slugs conquer the balcony, the questions immediately arise: Where do they come from, and how do you get rid of them quickly? How snails/slugs get onto a balcony/roof terrace? Usually, you bring slugs and snails home with pre-cultivated plants or potting soil, only rarely do they invade on their own. Brought in from … Read more

Which Insects Eat Slugs & Snails? | Natural Enemies For Your Garden

beetle and slug

Many insects like to eat slugs, snails, and their eggs. For example, the larvae of fireflies are diligent snail exterminators. They feed almost exclusively on snails and slugs for several years. Firefly larvae follow the slime trail of the snails and kill them with poisonous bites. The extinction of light-sensitive fireflies can contribute to a … Read more

Plants against slugs | Natural slug protection for the garden?

snail plant

The idea of deterring slugs with plants comes up again and again. To achieve this, one should plant strong-smelling herbs as a protective wall around endangered vegetable and flower beds. In addition, it is recommended to use plant sap or plant liquid manure as a slug repellent. In principle, these measures should be viewed critically … Read more

Wool Slug & Snail Deterrent Mat in the Test | Effective or not?

sheep wool mat

Whether sheep wool mats / rolls really help to deter slugs and snails is controversial. If you read through the product reviews, you will find both top and flop ratings. So, it was time to put wool mats to the test and carry out a simple experiment. Previously, I had experimented with other sheep’s wool … Read more

Predators of Slugs | Identify and Attract Natural Enemies of Slugs and Snails to Your Garden

toad frog

It is sometimes said that slugs (especially the Spanish slug) taste bitter and that for this reason, many animals won’t eat them. That is not correct. Slugs and snails have many natural predators. However, for various reasons, their enemies are disappearing in many areas. This is one of the main reasons why slug populations are … Read more

How to Attract Birds to Your Garden | And How to Hang a Birdhouse

how to attract birds to your garden

There are many reasons to attract birds to your garden. One reason is that apart from hedgehogs, toads, and beetles, birds are perhaps the most industrious slug and snail hunters. They are an especially valuable help in spring, when young slugs and snails hatch from their eggs and are easy prey. The hungry birds are … Read more

Natural Slug Control: Effective, Organic, Non-violent | Protect Plants Against Slugs and Snails

slug-control and plant protection

Here, you will find ways to control slugs and snails effectively without using chemicals or harming these creatures. In general, there are two types of ways to protect your garden: 1. Emergency measures to stop acute infestations in the short term: Feeding and distracting pests Setting up (beer-free) traps and going on a slug watch … Read more

How to Attract Hedgehogs to Your Garden | Hedgehog-friendly Environment, Food, and House

attract hedgehog garden

Not only are hedgehogs cute, but they are beneficial animals. These nocturnal hunters are natural enemies of slugs and snails. It makes a lot of sense, therefore, to provide a habitat for these lovely animals. If you can coax a hedgehog family into your garden, you can be sure they’ll be valuable allies in the … Read more

Slug Deterrent Paint: New Remedy Against Slugs and Snails | Test, Tips and Tricks

Schnexagon slug repellant paint test

The slug-deterring/repelling paint Schnexagon is an innovation in the field of peaceful slug defense. However, does it really live up to its promises? What are its advantages and disadvantages? Anti-Slug Paint: Are Slugs Losing Their Grip? Schnexagon is a repellent coating intended for the protection of beds and greenhouses from slugs and snails. Special ingredients … Read more