Baking powder against snails: Can Sodium bicarbonate repel snails?

I was asked whether snails could be repelled with sodium bicarbonate or vinegar.

Unfortunately, there was a lack of concrete information on this.


What is sodium bicarbonate?

Normally, baking soda – also called sodium bicarbonate – is used for baking.

That is why it is mostly called baking soda or food soda.

It is contained in baking powder and sherbet powder, where it serves as a leavening agent.

There are many other uses for it.

For example:

  • In the garden, it can be used against fungi – such as mildew or gray rot.
  • In the kitchen, for example, it serves as a cleaning agent.
  • It also neutralizes unpleasant odors.
  • And it neutralizes acids in food.
baking soda to water plants
Can sodium bicarbonate in irrigation water scare away snails?

Sodium bicarbonate in irrigation water

Sodium bicarbonate can also be added to the water – half a teaspoon per liter.

It works similarly to garden lime against over-acidification of the soil.

Since some plants even prefer an alkaline environment to an acid one, sodium bicarbonate can be useful, for example for delphinium or sage.

However, you should ask yourself why you don’t use cheap garden lime or alkaline primary rock flour.

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Baking soda against slugs & snails

But what does baking powder/soda have to do with snails?

So far, I have not found any more detailed information on this.

Therefore, this article is mainly a request to you to help.

Please send a message or leave a comment below if you have more information on the topic.

open questions
A riddle so far. Do you have the answer?

Unanswered questions

Does baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) act as a plant strengthener, making the plants unattractive to slugs?

I could imagine that, but I am skeptical that it would work.

Should you use baking soda to kill slugs and snails?

Even if it works, violence against slugs is usually a bad choice. This is because it harms the natural enemies of slugs and snails.

Or should baking powder perhaps be sprinkled as a protective ring around endangered beds and plants?

Here there would be much cheaper remedies against slugs, like sheep’s wool or mint leaves.

Another household remedy that is supposed to help against slugs and snails is vinegar.

But there is also a lack of information on how vinegar is supposed to work against snails.

Here, too, I would be grateful to receive tips on how to use it.

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It remains a mystery to me how sodium bicarbonate (or vinegar) is supposed to work against snails.

Thank you very much in advance for your insight and a short message.

Until now, I can only recommend different alternatives.


Alternative Methods

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Common obstacles for slugs and snails are:

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Choose Resistant Plant Varieties

One intelligent way is to select flowers and vegetables in which slugs and snails show little or no interest.

Some vegetables that you do not want to miss are on the list of favorite foods for slugs and snails.

However, there are also many flowers, vegetables, and herbs that they dislike eating.

You will find more information here:

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Mindful consumption: Please only buy what you or your garden really need.

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