Lava rock granules against slugs & snails? | TESTING

Lava rocks granulate against slugs snails

Lava stones have a rough surface with many sharp edges. Therefore, lava rock is supposed to deter slugs and snails. Lava granules (also called lava mulch or lava grit) should be scattered around threatened plants or spread over a large area in the bed. Natural Lava Rocks | Granules | 100% Pure Volcanic Rock Click … Read more

Water barrier against slugs & snails: In the test | Does it work?

slug collar as water barrier

Water is an insurmountable obstacle for land slugs and snails. This is at least a widespread opinion. Land snails breathe air and drown if they fall into water. I tested whether slugs and snails really cannot overcome water barriers in a small experiment. A reader suggested simply turning slug collars upside down and filling the … Read more

Which Insects Eat Slugs & Snails? | Natural Enemies For Your Garden

beetle and slug

Many insects like to eat slugs, snails, and their eggs. For example, the larvae of fireflies are diligent snail exterminators. They feed almost exclusively on snails and slugs for several years. Firefly larvae follow the slime trail of the snails and kill them with poisonous bites. The extinction of light-sensitive fireflies can contribute to a … Read more

Plants against slugs | Natural slug protection for the garden?

snail plant

The idea of deterring slugs with plants comes up again and again. To achieve this, one should plant strong-smelling herbs as a protective wall around endangered vegetable and flower beds. In addition, it is recommended to use plant sap or plant liquid manure as a slug repellent. In principle, these measures should be viewed critically … Read more

Wool Slug & Snail DETERRENT MAT in the TEST | Effective or not?

sheep wool mat

Whether sheep wool mats / rolls really help to deter slugs and snails is controversial. If you read through the product reviews, you will find both top and flop ratings. So, it was time to put wool mats to the test and carry out a simple experiment. Previously, I had experimented with other sheep’s wool … Read more

Predators of Slugs | Identify and Attract Natural Enemies of Slugs and Snails to Your Garden

toad frog

It is sometimes said that slugs (especially the Spanish slug) taste bitter and that for this reason, many animals won’t eat them. That is not correct. Slugs and snails have many natural predators. However, for various reasons, their enemies are disappearing in many areas. This is one of the main reasons why slug populations are … Read more